AYINA Voice Culture Workshop

We all love music don’t we? For some it is passion and for some it is a way to relax. There has been a significant growth in talented singers recently especially in the younger generation. Thus there is a scope and opportunity for proper guidance and coaching from experienced good musicians so the budding talents can take home their skills and take their achievements to the next level.

The renowned music director Sri Rajan one of the famous duo {Rajan – Nagendra} has started Sapthaswaranjali Institute of Music for all the aspiring talented singers irrespective of language.

This “VOICE CULTURE” will have a syllabus of its own. This will help singers to write notations, to know their SHRUTHI range, to differentiate the mood and feel of every song, understand lyrics, breath management, body language required for every song and many more.

This will also help the singer to know the science and technology of music which includes the microphone levels and sing “THUD” free {thud–vocal pronunciation outburst}, behavior with respect to studio and other sound equipment’s, how to maintain a balance in the vocal levels without falling or shooting up a graph level of the voice, singing correctly with the music in proper rhythm and shruthi and many more.

Sapthaswararjali Institute of music will also help every singer to understand and sing in different genre of any language thus making that singer versatile so that he/ she can pursue career in any type of music which includes devotional, classical, light music, filmi, non-filmi, western, Bollywood, theatre, stage performances, playback singing, etc.

Sufficient material is provided and essential theory and practical training in music and singing is taught scientifically by none other than Sri Rajan who has the experience of over 50 years in the film industry and more than 400 films to his credit.

 For more details and registrations please contact

Asha Mahesh  0402684982       Amar Reddy        0423463002      

Veena              0402963308       B P Suresh         0413398878

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